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Jersey ILL Hits Skids as Contractor Goes Belly Up

From the Bergen Record:

At first they thought the interruption of service was an April Fool\'s joke.

But eventually, the Bergen County Cooperative Library System (BCCLS) and other library systems in the state realized that the timing was merely a coincidence. The courier service that had been delivering hundreds of thousands of items a year between Bergen libraries alone really had shut down without warning.

For voracious readers and researchers, the loss of the courier service was a real blow . . . Since April 1, BCCLS and many local librarians have been working overtime to help retrieve more than 10,000 library books from the defunct company\'s distribution warehouses.


S.A. Public Libraries strapped for cash

Someone Passed along This One
That says public libraries in South Africa cannot offer the services people require, and some are under threat of closure. Especially affected are school children.

In 1955, when public libraries came into being, they were joint undertakings between provincial governments and local authorities. In 1994 libraries were made the sole responsibility of provinces. With their obligation removed, cash-strapped local authorities are withdrawing their financial support, says Friends of the Library. This leaves provincial governments with very small budgets to provide for libraries .
The group complains that there is no political will to find money, which means that the situation is likely to get worse.

Libraries would lack luster without Friends

All \"friends of the library\" need more stories Like This One.

\"Without the Friends of the Library groups, North Fulton’s libraries would be somewhat stark, bare-bones facilities. Instead, they are pleasant, busy places, where young and old come for workshops or simply to pick up a good book.\"

No Shirt No Shoes No Trial

Good News from here in Columbus, OH, where a judge has ruled that a public library isn’t trampling on a patron’s constitutional rights by requiring him to wear shoes inside the building.
An idiot had sued the Columbus Metropolitan Library, saying the ban on going barefoot blocks a healthy lifestyle and his First Amendment rights.

Strapped Tokyo Governmment Slashes Library Budgets, Collections

From Mainichi:

The cash-strapped Tokyo Metropolitan Government has decided to get rid of some 140,000 books being kept at one of its three libraries as a part of a radical cost-cutting measure.

Under a new metropolitan directive, the libraries will be banned from keeping more than one copy of a single title between them from next April. Any overlapping collections will be offloaded under the directive, but no concrete plan for their fate has been agreed . . .

It is expected that library-related expenditures will be clipped further in fiscal 2002.


Library child-porn surfer sentenced

A suburban Chicago man, already on probation for a similar offense, has been sentenced to 18 months "periodic imprisonment," with release only to attend work, for viewing child pornography online at a public library. He must also receive psychiatric and sex-offender treatment and stay off the Internet.

"It appears that his mother is babying him," said the judge.

Story in the Waukegan News Sun.

A Look @ The Christian Library

Here\'s A Look at a Christian Library in MI, it\'s run by volunteers and has about 10k volumes.

\"We have books that aren\'t available at regular libraries,\" she said. \"Most of them have Christian themes and many are about Christian living.\"

Good News / Bad News For Public Libraries

Thomas J. Hennen Jr. passed along This One from his home state of WI, where The state assembly last week
voted to eliminate the 130-year old requirement in the state law that public
libraries be free for the use of inhabitants.
And a second Story is a lengthy feature on modern library services and the library
building boom in Orange County.

Cleveland Planning for Improved Branch Libraries

From the Plain Dealer:

For the first time in 25 years, the Cleveland Public Library is crafting a blueprint for improved services in its 28 neighborhood libraries.

The library has committed more than $200,000 for a master plan for 2004 and beyond, which could recommend everything from more computers to renovated libraries . . .

After spending more than $100 million and much of the 1990s on the Main Library complex in downtown Cleveland, library officials say it\'s time to focus on the neighborhoods . . .


Dear Abby says: Call police for abandoned kids

"Dear Abby, I\'m a librarian in a medium-sized public library, and I\'m losing my patience about one particular issue. ... We are not baby sitters."


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