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With an iron fist in a velvet glove

The Buffalo News has a Story With A Fun Title on \"the brave new world of library fine enforcement\".

All 52 libraries in the Erie County system now use an Indiana collection agency to track down scofflaws who owe hefty overdue fines or have lost library materials.

Public PCs

Bob Cox sent along This Story on the significant number of people still don\'t have the means or the desire to get a computer at home, making public PCs a big draw.

\"In order for this state to be competitive, our citizens have to absolutely know how to use information technology skills, both in their jobs and their ability to learn and also their ability to play,\"

Math Lady Makes a Difference

Known as the \"Math Lady\", Phyllis E. Stern is a retired teacher who has now volunteered over 1,000 hours at the Burlington County Library helping students with math work.\"I help whoever is here,\" she said, \"and the list grows steadily. . . .\" The rest of the story from The Philadelphia Inquirer

Despite Investment, Little Use of Malaysian Public Libraries

From the Malaysian National News Agency:

Only some 15 per cent of the country\'s population utilise the public libraries despite the huge amount spent by the federal and state governments to develop this facility. Education Minister Tan Sri Musa said the federal government had spend over RM92 million . . . to develop the public libraries . . .


Pete Hamill speaks out for public libraries

Someone writes \"
Pete Hamill has a great Column on what public libraries did for him and are still doing for the public today. \"

Quite a nice story on what public libraries do for those who can\'t afford much to learn by.

Barefoot patron suing library

Robert Neinast sued the Columbus Metropolitan Library, saying that the ban on going barefoot blocks a healthy lifestyle and his First Amendment rights. Luckily, Judge Algenon Marbley told Neinast that he might not let the case go to trial.
Full Story

Without book menders, library would be in a bind

A Nice Story on some swell ladies who spend their afternoons at the library mending damaged books. The most common books that come to Haggard for repairs are Harry Potter books and Curious George books. They aren\'t sure sure if it was because of poor manufacturing or because the books are so popular.

\"The program, established more than five years ago, saves the library more than $1,000 each month, Baumbach said. \"When you consider the staff time it would take to do it ourselves and the cost of replacing these books, it well exceeds $1,000,\" she said.\"

Queens, NY Public Libraries Face Deep Cuts

From the New York Daily News:

Queens Library will need to reduce its staff by 200 full-time positions and cut hours at most of its branches, its executive director warned yesterday.

Under the city\'s preliminary budget for fiscal year 2003, the library is facing \"the single largest funding reduction ever in the history of the Queens Library,\" Gary Strong said at a hearing of the Queens Borough Board on the budget . . .


Child pornography found, library computers seized

Found out about this one from Library Stuff:

After printouts of child pornography were found in a garbage can, police seized 26 computers from a library in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. A police spokesman said the authorities also grabbed a library security videotape and "a list of those who returned or checked out items."

Story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Who is responsible for Children In The Library

uible writes \"
For the last six months Adena Wilson\'s 15-year-old son has been going to the Westerville Public Library. She thought he was improving his mind. Then she found the porn pictures he had dowloaded while using the library computers. According to his mother, \"[he] had never seen pictures like that until he was here.\"

Westerville Public Library\'s Don Barlow explained that the filter used by the library is site specific, in order not to wholesale block sites. Barlow also pointed out that parents have the responsibility of policing their children, not the library. The mother contends that at the library, the library is responsible (she claims responsibility when he is home).

There is also a survey on the same page about who is responsible for keeping children away from pornography on the Internet - parents, librarians, filters, or combination of the three. At this point the run-away favorite is parents, then combination of the three. Librarians - 0%! \"
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