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Why Are Librarians So Sexy?

Why Are Librarians So Sexy? is a page from David Austin where he attempts an answer. He finds it somewhat curious that librarians are stereotypically thought to be closely linked to sexiness. More generally, he wonders why some stereotypes include or highlight sexiness and some do not.

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A poem a day for the school year

Daniel writes "http://www.loc.gov/poetry/180/ is a set of poems designed to make it easy for students to hear or read a poem each of the 180 days of the school year.

The Library of Congress site suggests reading a poem over a school's PA system at the end of the day."

Librarians As Characters In Fiction

Librarians As Characters In Fiction:Biographies, Poetry and The History of Libraries, Including Textbooks For Library Studies. An extensive bibliography from the bookshelves of Laura Cobrinik—Books for all readers. No matter what genre you like, enjoy, or love, you will be sure to meet a Librarian in a Library.

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National Poetry Month by Alaskans

Daniel writes "In honor of National Poetry Month, April 2005, the Alaska State Council on the Arts has posted thirty poems by Alaskan poets on their web site."

The Library Lounge

Created by Christina Drake, MLS student at University of North Texas School of Library and Information Science, The Library Lounge is a bulletin board for librarians. She hopes it will facilitate communication and fostering a sense of community amongst librarians nationwide.

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Librarians and Tigers

Librarians and Tigers is A hypothesis regarding portrayals of librarians, intermixed with images of tigers in libraries. A fiction, sort of.

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On the Theory of Library Catalogs and Search Engines

On the Theory of Library Catalogs and Search Engines is a neat paper Supplementing the talk on "Principles and Goals of Cataloging", given at the German Librarians' Annual Conference Augsburg 2002. Eversberg, says Using Internet search engines, and knowing their operation is fully automated, people tend to view with skepticism all practical and theoretical effort invested in catalogs. Any good search engine, however, will always be based on a good theory - though that one may differ quite a bit from a catalog theory. He asks What is a good catalog? and What should catalogs do?

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Subscription Subsidized Open Access

Anonymous Patron writes "Subscription Subsidized Open Access is a page by Brian Simboli on open access. It is his view that open access discussions have failed to explore how"for-pay", subscription access can be made fully compatible with provision of open access. That is, there seems little recognition in many of the current debates that "open access"and "subscriptions" need not be diametrically opposed. To the extent that "open access" has turned into a sort of ideology that focuses unduly on issues of literature accessibility rather than affordability, it has helped to divert attention from this crucial datum. "

Publishers' Bindings Online

Anonymous Patron writes "Publishers' Bindings Online In September 2003, The University of Alabama, University Libraries, in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries, received an IMLS National Leadership grant to create the digital resource, Publishers' Bindings Online, 1815-1930: The Art of Books (PBO).

PBO, a significant digital collection of decorative bindings, along with a comprehensive glossary and guide to the elements of these objects, will strengthen the growing interest in and create broader awareness for this “common� object called the book."

Search engines to help you find material quicker

Anonymous Patron writes "Phil Bradley's Blog compiled a short list of Search engines to help you find material quicker. It's a collection of resources that he uses on a regular basis arranged under different topics. It should make your life quicker and easier if you're not sure which search engine to use for which type of query, and for created a search strategy"

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