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LISWire Reaches A Broad Audience of Librarians

Author Molly Dowd, whose book "Kevin Knows the Rules" was publicized on LISWire last winter knows that the Wire is a great way to reach a broad selection of librarians. Over 150 librarians accepted her offer of a reader's copy of her book to examine for their libraries. LISWire Works!

Now it's time for you to order copies for your libraries. Here's a listing on Google.

Publishers, authors, vendors and suppliers--register on LISWire today, and once your registration is accepted, you are welcome to post press releases about new titles, imprints and other products. press releases about author appearances, exhibits and personnel news...anything of interest to the community. Take advantage of this wonderful resource (while it's still free!!).

LISWire is a website from the guy behind LISNews & LISHost, Blake Carver, along with assistance from birdie, Robin K. Blum. Member companies and organizations can send their full-text news releases and multimedia content to librarians, journalists, library professionals and anyone with an interest in libraries.

Road Rage At The Elementary School

EVERETT WA — An Everett man is accused of berating fifth-graders on safety patrol and using his vehicle to knock down an (unnamed) elementary school librarian during a dispute over what entrance he was supposed to use when dropping off his child at school.

Prosecutors on Monday charged Trevor Wipf, 33, with second-degree attempted assault, a felony. He is accused of intentionally driving his sport utility vehicle into the librarian at Jefferson Elementary School during this past school year.

Wipf told police he didn’t hit the librarian. He said the librarian slipped when he tried to kick Wipf’s vehicle, Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Janice Albert wrote.

PBS Creates Library of Digital Resources Targeted to Classroom Use

PBS Creates Library of Digital Resources Targeted to Classroom Use

"In an effort to make its vast collection of digital educational resources available for in-class use, PBS has announced the launch of the PBS Digital Learning Library, a comprehensive source of digital video, still images, audio, games, and interactive simulations for teachers to use to augment their lessons. PBS made the announcement at last week's National Education Computing Conference (NECC) in Washington, DC."

Read the full article at:

PBS Creates Library of Digital Resources Targeted to Classroom Use

See also:

"Today, a number of local PBS stations are offering digital education services featuring public media content, such as Teachers Domain and Thinkport."

Introducing the PBS Digital Learning Library



Retired school librarian fears unhappy ending for profession

When Dennis Donley began his career nearly 35 years ago, he joined a crew of 40 teachers who staffed every middle and high school library in the San Diego school district.

As Donley enters retirement, there will be 11 full-time, credentialed librarians assigned to San Diego secondary schools next year. Most of the dozens of campuses will share librarians or employ half-time clerks — a far cry from the 1970s when the district had one of the most progressive school library systems in California.

San Diego Unified, along with other districts across the state, has whittled its library staff while struggling with budget cuts. This year, districts were allowed to use state funds meant for libraries to help balance their spending plans.

Full story here.

Author calls for UK school libraries to be made statutory

A new initiative by the Campaign for the Book, spearheaded by author Alan Gibbons, will call on the government to make school libraries statutory,­ as is already the case in Scotland.

Gibbons said the initiative will help to galvanise the campaign's work in support of school libraries. He is gathering signatories for an open letter to the press demanding that school libraries become statutory.

School Librarians to learn Social Media through $1M grant in WI

The University of Wisconsin System School Library Education Consortium has been awarded almost $1 million to help school librarians become better versed in technology and social media such as Twitter.

The United States Institute of Museum and Library Services Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program will award $989,495 that will be used to train 50 new school library specialists for Wisconsin’s rural and high-need urban public schools. This was the only grant awarded in Wisconsin. More from Bizjournals/Milwaukee.

I wonder if Laura tweets?

Stuyvesant HS Librarian Is Accused of Sexual Abuse

The New York Times reports that R. Christopher Asch, the librarian at Manhattan's elite public high school, Stuyvesant, has been arrested and charged with harassment and sexual abuse after he was accused of inappropriately touching four male students.

The students said in the report that the inappropriate contact occurred from September 2004 through February 2008, when Mr. Asch grabbed the leg of a boy, the report said. The four boys decided to report Mr. Asch to school officials after that episode.

Asch, 56, led the quiz bowl team and served as faculty advisor to the Republican club and several other student groups. He was the coach of the cricket team, according to the student newspaper, The Spectator.

Mr. Asch started working in city schools in 1989 and has spent most of his career as a high school librarian. He came to Stuyvesant in 2002,

Washington State Passes Education Reform includes School Libraries

There have been articles about the Bellevue School District in Washington State doing away with their librarians on this site so I went to see what Washington State's elected officials are doing about it. The answer? House bill 2261, an overhaul of education funding which has, among other provisions, a permanent line item for school library materials—and an allocation of funds to pay for a certified librarian in every K–12 school by 2018. Granted it's not funded right now, which makes the point moot. Once the state does get money though Bellevue is probably going to have to put those teacher-librarians back where they found them.

According to the Washington Legislature website the bill starts to go into effect in July.

No More Librarians in Bellevue High Schools

The Bellevue School District has decided it can't afford librarians in its middle and high schools anymore. At Sammamish High, that could mean an end to the school's carefully curated manga collection.

Full story here.

School district criticized for reassigning librarians

School district criticized for reassigning librarians: The decision by the Bellevue School District to reassign all secondary librarians to classroom positions for the 09/10 school year has been criticized by some in the educational community.

Mike Eisenberg, dean emeritus and professor at the Information School of the University of Washington, said the move goes against the needs of the 21st century.

"This is the information age, and to compete in a tough, global economy, our children need to be experts in information seeking, use, evaluation, and synthesis,"

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