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Gov. Bush Shows Contempt for Library

The Ledger has one of the strongest worded Articles Yet on the closing of the Florida State Library.
They say the closing undermines years of careful work by professionals, is a display of contempt, it\'s bad for Florida and shows his total disdain for our state\'s rich history. They add, Bush has shown time and again an astonishing disregard for the state\'s cultural heritage.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Johnnie Byrd told Tallahasseeans on Thursday there is \"huge support\" in the Legislature for saving the State Library. Secret actions used against state archives, Genealogists, librarians, historians draw list of options to battle Bush\'s plan, and on the bright side of this, Vast collection could boost Nova library.

Florida Library Latest news

Oghma writes \"
It now appears that only the circulating part of the Florida State Library\'s collection is being moved.

Here\'s The Full Story \"

Also, Kathleen de la Pena
McCook sent over Two Posts from the Florida Library
Association list, one from from Former State Librarian, Barratt Wilkins and one from current, Judith Ring.
Mr. Wilkins is clarifying statements by Ms. Ring.
Click below to read them.

Other stories include Library shenanigans, State Library\'s transfer to Nova being considered, Plan to shelve library causes flap, Deal in works for cash-strapped state to keep state library, What\'s needed: more than a few good ideas, and of course, The Petition for electronic signatures.

Breakup of State Library may be near

The Orlando Sentinel Says despite mounting public opposition, including more than 7,000 petition signatures protesting a proposed breakup of the 150-year-old Florida State Library, a deal is quietly being negotiated that could move much of the library\'s massive collection from the state capital to a private university in South Florida.

Stronger Words From FloridaToday where they say Jeb Bush is making war on the state\'s history. They also say this is an \"obviously ill-conceived idea\", and it, \"shows he has no grasp of his position as a protector of the public trust\"

Librarians throw book at closing state library

The Palm Beach Post Says 50 area librarians -- city, county, academic, legal and corporate -- have unanimously adopted a resolution calling on the governor to spare the institution, which was founded in 1845 when Florida became a state.

"No one believes money is the reason for this particular decision," Brownlee said, and Wednesday's meeting was spiced with fearful speculation from librarians who began by saying, "I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but... "

Libraries and Movies

Steve Fesenmaier writes \"At the spring conference for librarians held each year in Flatwoods, \"Spring Fling,\" I will be presenting my most intense two hours ever. First WV filmmaker and BJ Gudmundsson will be talking about how public libraries can help local filmmakers make local history films. They have made two so far and are starting a third. Next, Jean Battlo, McDowell County author, playwright, and filmmaker will present \"Smilin Sid,\" discuss her new history of the county, and maybe show some of her 18-hour doc on the floods of 2001. Third, Mari-Lynn Evans, Braxton County native, will talk about her almost $2 million history of Appalachia that will air on PBS next fall. Finally, I will be premiering a new doc on \"The Library in Crisis,\" a new film by Canadian filmmaker Julian Samuel. ( I have been working with Samuel on pt.2 of this film, exploring the international and American angles on the crisis. The first mainly covers Canadian realities.) Also coming as a late addition is Bryson Vannostrand, the Buckhannon architect who has opened WV\'s first micro-cinema, the Lascaux Micro-Theater. If you want to come to the event, contact me at: 1-800-642-9021 X 2015 or e-mail me. I really believe that there is no reason why every county in the world cannot work with local filmmakers and create their own local history film projects.
More Information.\"

Jeb Bush winces at price tag on state history

Oghma writes \"The St. Petersburg Times as weighed in with a very good editorial comparing the cost of the Florida State Library to various other budget expenditures.\"

They call the closing of the library a \"proposed act of cultural vandalism\", and crass.

\" It sounded like they just figured to grab a bunch of boxes at the liquor store, gather up the books and papers, throw them in the back of the SUV and leave them on the steps of Robert Manning Strozier Library for FSU to care for.\"

Library cutbacks announced

\"After years of belt tightening, the state\'s public library system on March 30 will close the book for good on some much-loved services in a move that portends further changes.\"

\"The four Bookmobiles — on O\'ahu, the Big Island, Maui and Moloka\'i — will cease their longtime traveling library operations. All libraries will be restricted to operating no more than 40 hours per week, causing some of the larger libraries to cut 10 or 20 hours from their schedules.\"

\"To trim electricity, security and other costs, no library will be open for more than five days per week.\" (from The Honolulu Advisor)

Florida State Library at risk

Anne writes \"The Florida State Genealogical Society has created a page , devoted to efforts to save the Florida State Library and Archives with news updates. The Florida Historical Society also has a page with an online petition to be presented on February 28. \"

Washington State Library Cuts May Be Accelerated

\"Washington Gov. Gary Locke (D), who wants to cut the state library, has found an ally in Senate Republicans, who want to speed up cuts to state government. Senate Ways and Means Committee Chairman Sen. Dino Rossi has proposed cuts in $127 million in state spending before the end of the current two-year budget cycle, by speeding up Locke\'s proposed spending cuts for 2003-05, according to the Olympian. Thus, the State Library would be closed to the public before July 1.\" (from Library Journal)

Bush to Close Florida State Library, declared February

Another piece on the closing of the Florida State Library. The plan apparently being to fire all the staff and give all the holdings to FSU. The University will not be given additional funding for staff or space to deal with the collection. The Governor has apparently also declared February to be \"Florida Library Appreciation Month.\" More from the Orlando Sentinel.


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