Dirty Books.

On page 86 of the November Redbook (yes, I'm an avid reader of lady publications), there is a short road test for "Reading as Foreplay."

For the article, two M/F couples read a sexy book and reported on how much it turned them on by scoring the hotness factor of the exercise with tiny flame icons. The general feeling was that reading erotica (for men, "porn") in bed, is a turn-on.

And in the accompanying photo, a young couple is in bed with a couple of hardcover books and appearing as if they are about to laugh at another clever euphemism for "penis." I prefer "shmuckalowitz," which I think Buddy Hackett used to describe one "as big as a bus."

And that had me wonder about the effectiveness of sexual foreplay between readers of printed books and of devices like ebook readers.

I mean, what happens to a print book when the sexual participants get too frisky? Does it get torn? Sticky? How difficult is it to read a book when your hands are coated with Astroglide?

And what about electronic devices? (No, not those.) Like ereaders? Like an iPad or a Kindle... how would they fare when exposed in this type of environment? And for the sake of argument, let's just say that neither the books nor the devices enter the actual sexplay, neither for spanking and especially not if there's a next-gen iPad that vibrates; they are simply the delivery system for the erotic texts.

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