11 Things New Library School Students Should Know

I'm finishing my second quarter at Drexel and here are somethings that you should know before you start your first quarter in library school.  Not all of these will apply to all people.

  1. Talk with financial aid and ask if there are any corporate or association discounts (Drexel offers 20% off for ALA membership).  These discounts are not always advertised so if you don't ask you will not receive.  Remember that all discounts must be applied to your account before your tuition is paid.  There are no retroactive tuition breaks.
  2. For those who have lost their job or quit, after approximately 12 weeks out of work most financial aid offices can review your status.  It might not get you more aid but you may get a better mix of subsidized v. unsubsidized loans.
  3. Make sure and check your program website weekly as you lead up to the term, they don't always remember to announce everything in an e-mail.
  4. Organization is the key to doing well in library school.  Buy an organizer, get out your chalk board, use whatever helps you to stay focused and on track.  The classes go by fast and if you get behind it's almost impossible to catch up.

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