Superman, Grab a Book


John H. Locke has installed homemade, fully stocked and short-lived bookcases in four sidewalk kiosks this year and hopes others will undertake similar projects.

Full article in the NYT


On a street in the downtown area of my city there was one of those min-library (books in a box) things. It was a 3 foot high shelf fastened to a fence by a bicycle store. It had a glass door. I walked up to see what books it had. It was full of romance novels and other drek.

One problem these mini-libraries is that even if there are stocked with great literature the people that walk up to them may not want literature. So it might have been good that the box was full of romances.

I think these boxes might be a good way to share non-fiction.

The other factor is that what is often in the boxes is whatever can be cheaply purchased at a thrift store.

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