Some Recent LISNews Statistics


It's been ages since I posted anything about LISNews stats, so here's a few random interesting numbers for the past few months.

This all covers September 2008 - November 2008

Total Sessions 1,010,894.00
Total Pageviews 5,702,286.00
Total Hits 11,499,192.00
Total Bytes Transferred 158.69 GB

Referrals: It's a Google world. Twitter is still the #1 non search / feed reader site. Google is by far the biggest referral, then bloglines, userland, and stumbleupon. There's a bunch of webmail clients, Microsoft and Yahoo searches round out the top 100 or so. There's a seemingly infinite number of sites that linked to LISNews, but not many sent along many readers. The only site that matters is Google (100,000+ sessions), even at #1 Twitter account for only about 2000 of those 1 million sessions.

Browsers. About 30% IE, 25% "Mozilla Compatible", 20% Firefox, 5% Safari, and everyone else was a small % of all hits.

The feeds are hit quite a bit, making up about 25% of all page views. The only posts that show up in the top 50 are a random few that ended up on the first page of search results for certain search results in Google. It's a rather flat curve and nothing really jumps out as very interesting.

Urchin says almost 50% of people came to LISNews through one of the feeds. If I did the math correctly, about 25% of the other half came from Google, and the vast majority of the others had no referrals. Overall 87% of all sessions had no referral. Which means, assuming these reports are correct, I could exclude us from all search engines and lose very little traffic.


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