Retired librarian keeps the written word alive


Retired librarian keeps the written word alive
After 40 years of being a librarian, Marlene Heard wanted to continue to share her passion for books, so she started her own little library.

Marlene tells TODAY'S TMJ4's Jesse Ritka she can't live without books, "I have to be with a library, I just have to be."


I do not like how the website for "Little Free Library" uses the term library. Some books in a box are not a library. There was a story on LISNEWS a few weeks ago about a school library that was closed and someone had stuck a bookshelf out in front and put some books on it and now this was the "library." It is not a library it is a bookshelf with some books on it.

Librarians should not build the idea in people's heads that some books in a box are a library.

Typical American voter - "I see on the ballot that there is a 5 million bond issue for a library. Well I am not going to vote for that. But I will provide the community with a library."

Person then proceeds to put some books in a box and stick them in their yard. Wow. They built their own library and they did not even have a tax increase from the bond issue.

I have no problem with book swap boxes. But call them that "book swap boxes." They are not libraries.

It's a lovely idea, lovely thing to do but it's NOT a library.
If you have a whole house full of books (and I bet many of us do!) and you decide to lend to your local community that is a lot closer.
A few books in a box outside your house is not the same.

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