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I have a patron that gave me a description of a publication but does not know the name. Wanted to run this by you guys and see if anyone had any ideas.

Patron said that he has seen in the past a publication that gathers together editorials from around the world on current event. So for this week it would have a page about the Olympics and then display a list of quotes from editorials around the world about the Olympics. There would then probably also be a page about the war in Georgia and pages on other major events of the week.

Anyone familiar with this resource?

If I can't find the reseource I can use some full-text news databases that I have access to to basically create that type of publication on the fly but if I can find out what publication he was referring to I would like to know.


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The description of the print version : "The Week Distills The Best Of U.S. And Foreign Press Into 44 Pages." And it is mostly editorials.

I don't have a log-in so I apparently can't post the url, but it's just The Week plus the usual.

Thank you very much for your help.

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