Reader responses: Books you want banned


Salon asked which books you think kids should never have to read in school.

Piece at


Why do teachers read this to kids? That's just mean. It's an incredible book but so, so sad. The author just sets up the reader for intense heartbreak. Kids can read this on their own; they don't need to have it shoved down their throats in a public classroom.

Enough said.

Are you aware of a public school that is requiring students to read the bible?

Louisiana is in fact using public funds to teach kids that the Loch Ness monster is real, and therefore evolution is a big fat lie.
IMO, this is quite bad enough.

Into Thin Air. I hate that book. The whole thing is so stupid.

zzz . . .

Just watch the movie :P

I would have been ok with my High School dropping - A Separate Peace

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