Park Slope Parents Say Library Has Too Much Technology


"It’s not so easy to peruse the stacks because the tables with the computers are right there," Skaller said. "There's not a lot space away from those screens... For the 3-year-old, there's an immense opportunity to discover new things to read, and anything that's pulling her away from that gets in the way of the purpose of the trip to the library."


I for one am glad my children grew up in the pre-internet age (barely, they are 25 & 27 now). They learned to love holding books, looking things up in the encyclopedia & dictionary, and think up other activities that didn't involve screens (but yes, they watched too much TV). They would even occasionally ride bikes, skateboards and play outside!

The new generation of parents is going to have to find the right balance for young kids with the preponderance of data, information and entertainment on screens these days. It creates a challenge.

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