Panic Buttons @ Your Library?

Cook Memorial Public Library District (IL) officials may purchase panic buttons for employees reports the Daily Herald. Library Director Stephen Kershner said he began thinking about upgrading security after the Cook Park Library in Libertyville was expanded and the Aspen Drive Library in Vernon Hills Library was built. Those projects were completed last year. Libraries are open places where hundreds of people come and go every day, Kershner said, and some visitors can be dangerous. “At my first library job, we had encounters that turned violent,” Kershner recalled. “There are safety considerations because we’re open buildings.” The buttons likely would be wireless and could be placed at high-profile spots such as the reference or circulation desks, Kershner said. They often look like garage-door openers. If a librarian were to activate one, an alarm would be sent to the district’s security company and to police, Kershner said.


we have a security system for the building, including perimeter and motion sensors and these are one part of the system.

I worked at a library with those. It's a good idea

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