Oberlin Library Hosts Unusual Holiday Display

From FOX News, be forewarned:

A northern Ohio artist known for envelope-pushing holiday displays is back — with Santa Claus in a wheelchair being pushed down stairs by a crazed tree.

The Santa in Keith McGuckin's installation at the Oberlin Public Library has no legs because of an accident involving alcohol and some power lines. An accompanying narrative explains that the tree later goes off to a strip club with money from Santa's Salvation Army kettle.

McGuckin's holiday creations have been raising eyebrows for years. His 2006 gingerbread Nazis drew so many complaints he was forced to remove them from a hardware store window. More details on the artist and his work from the Chronicle Telegram, but regretfully, no photo of the current display at the library. See comment below for link to video of artist and piece.

Library director Darren McDonough says the latest display is staying. He jokes that if a library doesn't have something that offends, it's not doing its job.


"Library director Darren McDonough says the latest display is staying. He jokes that if a library doesn't have something that offends, it's not doing its job."

My hero: indeed, if the library does not have something to offend someone, it is not doing enough. :)

As a wheelchair bound believer in Santa I am offended.

Do they make desk sized ones?

N.B. I am not wheelchair bound but I do own a wheelchair if anyone needs one- aluminum (it worries me I had to go to m-w.com to make sure I could spell aluminum, but I remember its atomic number -13.) I really do have one and can't find someone who needs it as opposed to will sell it in a thrift shop. I want a patient to have it.

As for Santa believing well that is none of your business.

2006 story related to this artist:

An artist who was forced to remove his Nazi gingerbread men from the window of a hardware store has set up the display in an empty storefront in another town.

Link: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16228447/

Interesting line from the piece: "I remember thinking to myself, 'What's the worst thing a gingerbread man can do?'"

"He jokes that if a library doesn't have something that offends, it's not doing its job."

Oh my, this has been the motto of my library (particularly the A.V. & Fiction collections) for over 10 years now! we want to expand our customers' horizons.....we want to give them something to think about! I not speaking about "Explicit Lyrics" (that's common place), I talking about European sensibilities on love, sex, war/peace, honor..... That seems to offend many people in staid American communities!

P.S. Where are the Santa photos? I want to see them! (Whine)

Here's the YouTube video which shows the display

We have a grandma out on the Navajo Rez that needs one! Her's is too heavy for her family to carry around...

www.anelder.org can use it...they are located in UT.


I emailed you about the chair. I am looking for a suitable box (I called the local medical supply shop and they will save one for me) and as soon as I hear back from you confirming the address it will be on the way.

This is why librarians are great, they are so resourceful. I knew a librarian would know someone who could use it. LISNews doing its good work again.

If you e-mailed me @ the website I provided you...I am not there!

And I am trying my best to figure out how to contact you here....LOL I havent figured this site out yet, only the blog part!

However, if you send it to ANE...if they don't give it to Jenny Paddock, they will give it to any one of the other elders who are in need.

Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program
328 W. Gregson Ave.
Salt Lake City, UT

[email protected]

Thank-you so very much!

Mi Takuye Oyacin

I will send it out Monday.

You can always just put the @ between md and the rest of my name (MD are my initals, and oneil... well you get the picture) and the suffix is .CX

Thank-you very much for your generosity...you have made one Elder's life much simpler!

Wastelo Pilamiayelo (It is very good, Thank-you very much)

Mi Takuye Oyacin

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