Will library booster Gates, Sr. fight copyright giveaway?


David Rothman writes "The Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act will drain billions of dollars over the years from schools and libraries and consumers in general. Time for library advocate Bill Gates, Sr. to take a stand? And as someone who is pro-estate tax, mightn't he just want to consider the injustices of further enriching the Gershwin heirs and other members of the copyright elite at the expense of ordinary Americans? Hey, Mr. Gates, that was an inspirational speech to the Public Library Association, but some pro-library lobbying against Bono--at the personal level, no need to involve the Gates Foundation--wouldn't hurt, either."


When I was employed as a librarian, copyright law was always terribly confusing. Putting things on "closed reserve" was always a big issue--were we violating the law? I know I attended many workshops over the years on this topic.

So at my regular blog, I have a link to an Ohio State law professor who seems to write frequently on this topic but is young enough to care about computer gaming and downloading music (I don't). Lee Blog On his website he has posted his most recent 35 page published journal article on public domain, also an important issue for librarians.

Now he has convinced a colleague, Dan Tokaji, to blog in his specialty area of voting rights, especially as it is affected by technology. Equal VoteIf 2004 is a squeaker with a few spoilers, I don't see electronic voting solving the dangling chad problem. After all, have we ever known a computer than couldn't be hacked, compromised or that wouldn't just melt down when you needed it most? Today's entry is on voting rights and the disabled.

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