Banality on the web


The Christian Science Monitor has a Story on the troubling trend towards simple minded garbage on the net. What is needed, advocates say, is material that is more sophisticated in combining education and entertainment, is increasingly interactive, and involves teens themselves in its creation.

\"Not everyone agrees that there\'s a dearth of good content, however. David Kleeman of the American Center for Children and Media sees lots of high-quality Web sites, games, and interactive content emerging. He says one of the biggest obstacles is simply making children and parents aware of the quality content that is available online.\"\"Indeed, Mr. Kennard of the FCC says the two complaints he hears most from parents are lack of control in steering their children away from material they consider worthless or inappropriate, and a desire for help in knowing where to find \"the good stuff\" on the Internet.\"

Sounds like parents need to go to the library!

on a related note what do you think of The Christian Science Monitor site? Not the content, but the layout, the design. IMHO this is the best news website. The have the actual page from the paper, they have site navigation that is clear, the ads are low key. Someone really did their homework on this site!

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