Harry Potter Quickies


What can you say about a boy named Harry?

I have collected quite a few unused Harry Potter stories, so I thought I\'d just throw them all together in one big fun to read quickies collection. Read on for all sorts of exciting Harry Potter News.
One in 150 children in Britain have preordered a copy and the representative said, \"Nearly 400,000 copies have been sold worldwide by Amazon, making it the biggest selling book in e-tailing history.\" as reported by News.com. While Bookwire says book number 5, even though it\'s not even written, is outselling many other books on Amazon.\"No. 5 ranks 55th.Harry Potter is really working his magic on the best-seller lists - his fifth adventure, not even written, is already receiving advance orders. \"
Of course not all is well in Harry Land, Freedom Forum tell us that Harry was one of the most 100 challenged books last yet, of course, this should Come as no suprise.

The Nando Times has a shocking story that shows Mr Potter has a worldwide appeal.\"The books are in such demand that the 16 libraries in the western state of Saarland won\'t loan out \"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.\" Instead, those wanting to find out what happens in the fourth in the series of books by J.K. Rowling must read the book during library hours.\" Keep in mind these books are in English, they haven\'t been translated yet!

The kicker is She (J. K. Rowling) is playing the Sky Dome in Toronto (Canada), if you\'ve never been there, it\'s HUGE, they are expecting to sell over 60,000 tickets!

Has a Story on how the nation\'s No. 1 best-seller won\'t be at the top of the nation\'s No. 1 best-seller list. The Book Review has created a new children\'s list and consigned the Harry books to it. \"I think books have got to be on one list or the other,\" says Charles (Chip) McGrath, editor of the Book Review. \"It\'s somewhat arbitrary but nonetheless necessary that we have to decide. And it is not coincidental that the timing corresponds to the fourth Harry Potter book. It occurred to us that if we were ever going to do this step, this would be the time.\"

This Story at American Prospect does a decent job of addressing the conservative group concerns over the Wicca Elements in the Potter Series.\"Some have alleged that the lightning bolt scar on Harry Potter\'s forehead, which is vaguely S-shaped, stands for \"Satan.\" Always searching out threats to his brand of Christian morals, Jerry Falwell once accused the purple, purse-carrying Teletubbies character Tinky Winky of being gay; Satan-pushing Harry Potter may trump even Tinky Winky on the list of evils. There\'s no denying Harry Potter has a lot of symbolism for Wiccans,\" comments Karen Jo Gounaud, president of Family Friendly Libraries. \"Everyone is a witch or warlock; they cast spells, drink blood. They believe in reincarnation.\" . I\'m not sure if he\'s a witch, or satan, or what. Ill just stick with the Onion\'s take on this matter.

Harry Potter fans detect devilish discrepancy
What a shocking headline!! I won\'t tell you what it is, in case you didn\'t that far in the book. If you want to take the chance of ruining the ending though, check out the Story from CNN.com

Rachel sent in this Paradoy from National Lampoon of all places, it\'s pretty funny too!

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