Pushing Hypertext in New Directions

The NY Times has a neat Review of 2 interesting web sites, The Jew\'s Daughter and aspergillum gently. These are 2 new sites that really do some neat stuff using plugins and HTML. They provide a new way of reading and following the text you read. It\'s quite interesting and worth checking out. This might be a new direction for online reading, it\'s fun and easy to follow.From the NYTImes\"Because it takes the paradigm of the page, you can see that it\'s not a page,\" Morrissey said in a phone interview from his home in Providence, R.I. \"I wanted a fluidity that I haven\'t seen in hypertext.\"

He gets it, but the technique also demonstrates how authors are forced to decide which words will be the ones that are published on the printed page -- and just how complex and arbitrary the writing process can be. Or, as one of Morrissey\'s unnamed characters asserts in the story, \"Words are always only real-time creation.\"

The ever-shifting text is only one of the reasons Morrissey calls \"The Jew\'s Daughter\" a work in progress. He is also consulting with an artificial-intelligence expert to develop a second version of the story that will, he said, write itself.

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