ALA website adds info on Cuban librarians

InfoWhale points us to some information about Cuban librarians from the ALA.

The page he points to is an announcement that an "ALA and IFLA
Access to Information and Intellectual Freedom
in Cuba"
page has been created.

More Cuba than you can shake a big cigar at.


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Comments Deleted?

All the comments on this topic were deleted.Why?

Re:Comments Deleted?

Huh? To the best of my knowledge there never were any, are you confusing your stories?

Re:Comments Deleted?

There may have been confusion because of a posting (with many comments) regarding Nat Hentoff's ongoing protests against the A.L.A. On an unrelated note: Nat Hentoff is also a knowledgeable and insightful jazz critic. Many of his books on the subject are still in print and are worth your time.

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