A lesson learned


According to this article from the Union Tribune, a few girls found out what happens when you type in the word \"Shaft\" on an unfiltered Internet terminal.\"They typed in a few key words and waited for information about the movie to come up. Instead, they ended up at a pornographic web site.\"

\"Fortunately for the El Cajon woman and her daughters, their home computer has a program that blocks out pornographic web sites and returns the screen to its original desktop setting.\"

\"It will tell me what they see,\" Miller said.\"

\"Today, the county Board of Supervisors will consider a proposal to bring that technology to the county\'s branch libraries.\"

\"Under a proposal from Supervisor Bill Horn, the county would equip computers in branch libraries with porn-filtering software similar to Miller\'s.\"

\"Our goal is to filter out the pornography that comes so quickly on the Internet,\" Horn said yesterday.\"

\"Horn proposes installing the filtering software only on county library computers used by children. To allay concerns about First Amendment rights, the software would not be added to computers used primarily by adults, said Horn.\"

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