Legal Woes for Clinton Library in Ark.

Little AP Blurb says Arkansas officials Tuesday asked a court to throw out a lawsuit filed by the Clinton Presidential Foundation seeking tax breaks for the presidential library project.

In the filing, the state Department of Economic Development claims the nonprofit foundation is not entitled to tax breaks under a program designed to promote ``business enterprises.''

``The list of 'business enterprises' does not include libraries, schools, educational facilities or government institutions,'' the filing said.


My latest College and Research Library News arrived yesterday and guess what? The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock Ark. is currently searching for a director.

Why do I suspect that that will be a difficult position to fill?

It's true, that will be a tough job. But just think how much easier the George W. Bush Library will be to run. I mean, how tough can taking care of a couple dozen copies of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" be?

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