UK Innovator of the Year Praises British Library

Charles Davis writes "from

Mark Sheahan, Innovator of the Year 2003,
developed his successful range of Squeezeopen
containers with vital support from the British Library's
business services.

As a first time inventor with little
experience of where to go for information, Mark approached the
British Library. Using the Library's resources and with help from the
Library's Research Service, Mark quickly found the information he
needed, including patent information and market research reports.

The Library's vast collections were essential for his detailed research
into plastics as the product development continued. Throughout the
whole process, any of the documents he needed - including journal
articles and patent specifications - were delivered straight to his
desktop via the Library's document supply operation.

Mark Sheahan, said: "The British Library is quite simply a treasure
trove of business information."

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