Wrong Number


Here\'s a funny Story from The Glenwood Post on a persons phone misfortunes. The author\'s phone number is 1 digit off from the local library.

\"I was not phased at all recently when I picked up my telephone.

\"Do you have romance novels?\" the caller asked.\"Uh, no...actually we don\'t,\" I answered truthfully. \"But I could probably write one if you want.\"

\"Well, sure,\" I said. \"How tough can it be? Guy meets girl. Guy falls in love with girl....girl makes guy choose between her and the NFL playoffs...end of story.\"

\"I think you\'re being very insolent, young lady,\" the voice scolded. \"Can I talk to your highest supervisor?\"

\"Well, that would be the Big Guy upstairs and I don\'t know about you, but I\'M certainly not ready to meet him personally just yet,\" I pointed out. \"Next in line would probably be my mother, but she\'s in South Carolina. So take your pick.\"

The caller hung up.

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