The $60 million Drip Bucket

The Salt Lake Tribune Reports Salt Lake City's new $60 million glass edifice is leaking. Like a lot of other folks who have leaky roofs, the library staff scrambled to put out buckets to catch the water. The timing of the recent series of storms provided them an opportunity to solve the problem while the building is still under a one-year warranty by the contractor, Big-D Construction. The library opened in February.

"I must confess we were not all that concerned" about the leaks that sprang in the library's atriums," said library Director Nancy Tessman. "When you've got a building this big and this complex, things like that are pretty predictable."


Come on librarians, learn something from those software developers (like Microsoft). The 'big drip' is a feature, not a fault. Maybe it's meant to be a rainforest effect, providing a gentle white noise to keep patrons focused on their reading. Possibly a zen waterfall. Or even a monument to the laws of gravity and physics.

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