Doctors are prescribing books


writes Nice story in the UK about how
doctors are prescribing a course of novels
for patients suffering from a range of diseases -
bibliotherapists are being
employed by Kirklees public library services to support
the service.

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This is a neat area of
that has always interested me, my other degree is in
Psychology.From the BBC

Librarians and doctors have joined forces to set up
scheme which prescribes a course of novels for
patients suffering from a range of illnesses.

Instead of relying on medication, GPs in Huddersfield,
West Yorkshire, will have the option of sending patients
suffering from stress, depression and anxiety to local

The patients will be \"referred\" to a bibliotherapist, who
will scour a database for suitable books.

The most likely titles to be \"prescribed\" will be thoses
that act an inspiration to help the reader forget their
troubles, or those that will cheer them up by making
them laugh.

The £600,000 pilot scheme is being funded by the
government, local health authority and a private
libraries\' charity.

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