Technology Shrinks Library


School libraries are in a quandry these days as budgets have not been increased, yet they are expected to buy books and computers. The solution is not an easy one. Check out this article by the Shreeveport Times.\"The push by school administrators to buy technology is leaving many of the nation’s school libraries with thin and outdated book inventories.\"\"School administrators nationwide spend billions on technology. While grants to buy technology are separate from school budgets, money to pay for Internet access, software and technology experts to keep systems running usually comes from the regular budget.\"

\"Often, the library doesn’t compete well with other possible funding areas,\" Kranich said.\"

\"While rural and inner-city children may lack the same access to books, many educators in those schools still lean toward purchasing technology.\"

\"If kids these days are not technologically up to date, they are out of a job,\" said Ed Jung, a Cincinnati Public Schools administrator. \"On job interviews, people don’t ask how many books they’ve read.\"

\"The problem of sparse school libraries exists across New York state, said Janet Welch, state librarian, adding that much is lost when schools trade books for computers. \"You can’t read a computer in bed; you can’t take it to the beach with you.\"

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