DOJ Website Analysis


Rich writes "The Center for Democracy & Technology has released
a report on the DOJ lifeandliberty web site called
Setting The Record Straight: An Analysis Of The
Justice Department's Patriot Act Website
. The Center also has a brochure called
What's Wrong with the Patriot Act and How to Fix It.


What's Wrong With the Patriot Act

It exists.

and How to Fix It

1: Repeal it.

2: Impeach the dozy bastards who passed it for malfeasance.

3: Require all elected parasites within the United States, its territories, colonies, and possessions, to commit to memory the entire Bill of Rights.

4: Test the aforementiong parasites rigorously, with a 90% passing grade, to ensure they understand what the Bill of Rights means before allowing them to submit proposals for legislation.

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