Name That Tune: K-k-k-katie From K-k-kansas City


I'm trying to find a song for my wedding. The chorus goes something like this:

"K-k-k-katie From K-k-kansas City, you're the only girl for me..."

I don't need a copy of the song, but rather the real title and artist, and maybe an album name?
All I know is it's an old song, maybe from the 30's or 40's?

Update: 10/23 16:41 EST by B:We have a winner! It's "K-K-K-Katy" composed by Geoffrey O'Hara in 1918. Thanks all!


Searching for "katy kansas" at gives me the most likely option: "Kitty from Kansas City", recorded by Rudy Vallee and his Connecticut Yankees. Unfortunately, the data related to original publication timeframes is basically non-existant, but it looks like it was the late '20s, it's available, according to AMG, on the compilation album " Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries", published by Submarine(?). The song credits are "Greer/Rose".

Interestingly enough, searching my library catalogue (we have a sizeable music library) uncovers "The Walter Donaldson songbook / compilation editor, Ellen Donaldson ; editor, Ronny S. Schiff.", which includes the song "Kansas City Kitty", probably unrelated ;-)

- David

There was a song called "K-K-K-Katy" composed by Geoffrey O'Hara in 1918. A photo of the sheet music cover, along with the lyrics, can be found here. Unfortunately, this song doesn't mention Kansas City anywhere.

AMG lists 6 recordings, including Mitch Miller.

K-K-K-KatyBeautiful KatyYou're the only g-g-girl that I adoreWhen the m-m-moon shines over the cowshedI'll be waiting by the k-k-kitchen doorSee the earlier reference to the 1918 song (with image of sheet music). I think that's what you're looking for.

My grand-dad used to sing this to my sister (a Katy). Wow...trip down memory lane.

Someone has a 45 of "K-K-K-Katy" (recorded by David Dante) on eBay right now. Auction ends in a few hours.

Or maybe you're thinking of the Ramones song, "The KKK Took My Katy Away." (rimshot!)

Do I get to kiss the bride?

Will the wedding be webcast live? :)

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