Library Discards LP\'s


According to this article in Cadillac News, a library had decided to rid itself of its LP collection.\"The record collection is being stopped for two reasons: we couldn\'t buy them anymore and the demand wasn\'t there (from patrons)\" Missaukee District Library Director Kathy Glass noted that with a limited budget, it is hard to justify spending money for a compact disc which could have been used for books or other materials.\"

\"Smaller libraries don\'t have the budget (for CDs or music audio cassettes),\" Glass said. \"For every CD you can buy, you could probably get at least one new book, and CDs tend to appeal to less people than a book does.\"

\"With records no longer available at the Cadillac library, fans of the once-popular music format are hard-pressed to find vinyl at any retail establishments in the area.\"

\"No store on the north end of Mitchell Street -- from music retailer On Cue to mega-merchants Kmart, Wal-Mart and Meijer -- carries records anymore.\"

\"You\'ll have to go to the antique store,\" quipped a young woman in Wal-Mart\'s electronics department.\"

\"She was not too far from the truth, as only Fast Cash Asset Exchange and Lighthouse Antiques Coins and Collectibles stores in downtown Cadillac had any vinyl records available.\"

\"Neither establishment carries any new records, and the amount of used records available at both stores is dwarfed by the amount of compact discs on the shelves.\"

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