ALA Erotica program


Someone sent in this: \"Found this following a link from the American Family Association site. Call to action against ALA.

Librarians Discuss Stocking Erotica \"

From the story

\"Public universities appear to be taking the lead in developing erotica collections, but many community librarians have now been emboldened by the ALA seminar.

To make matters worse, the ALA favors giving children the same access to explicit materials that is afforded adults.

TAKE ACTION: Contact Sarah Ann Long, president of the ALA, and express your opposition to the fact that the organization is even considering sanctioning the stocking of erotica on library shelves, especially given the harm such material would cause to children. Cite the erotica workshop at the most recent ALA convention as evidence. Urge her to discourage any further consideration or discussion of the idea within the ALA.

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