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I have just a few of The Renaissance Library Calendar 2004 left, so I thought I'd try something a little different this time. The first 3 people, with user accounts (Sorry Anonymous Patron, you're not eligible), who can answer the skill testing questions below will win a Renaissance Library Calendar 2004 edition. If you aren't one of the first 3 to give the correct answer below you can always buy one, they're only 12 bucks, and if you've missed them the past few years, You can still buy copies of the first three editions of the Renaissance Library Calendar - at half price. Post your answers below by clicking the "reply" button.
Update: 10/21 14:45 EST by B:We have our winners.Note: if you won a copy already this year, you can't win now.

1. Where was Melville Dewy Born? State & town.
2. When was LISNews born?
3. Which LISNews user, other than me, was the first to write in their journal?
4. Who puts the rarin' in librarian?
5. OCLC's offices were where first?

Post your answers below, the first three correct answers will win, I'll contact you via the email address in your account to find out where the calendar goes.

Also note: Lest ye true believers go thinking "Blake's gone and sold out to the man!" I'm not getting anything from ISIM, the calendar people. We've run this type of promotion for the past few years, and I don't get paid for it. I do it to reward the LISNews audience in ways I can't normally do. Obviously ISIM doesn't do this out of the goodness of their hearts, the calendars cost them money, and they hope to increase sales and awareness through the LISNews promotions. So hopefully it's a win/win situation, calendar sales go up, LISNews readers get rewarded for being part of the site, and I get all warm and fuzzy knowing I'm helping out in some small way. I've gotten a copy for myself in the past, and they are really nice, I wouldn't be doing this if the product wasn't worth it.


Here's my attempt:

1.Adams Center, NY
2.November, 2 1999
3.Great Western Dragon
4.Jessamyn West
5.Main Library on the campus of The Ohio State University (OSU)

1. Adams Center, NY
2. November 2, 1999
3. I'd have to say that Great Western Dragon (53) would be the first with a couple of posts to the journal on August 3.
4. Jessamyn West of
5. From their history page: "OCLC’s first offices were in the Main Library on the campus of The Ohio State University (OSU), and its first computer room was housed in the OSU Research Center."


1. Adams Center, NY2. Nov. 2, 19993. Fang-Face4. Jessamyn West5. Main Library, Ohio State University

Make number 3 Great Western Dragon. ;-)

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