Top 10 Signs You Did Not Learn Anything In LIbrary School


This is dedicated to Blake, who I think could use a
laugh after this rough week.
You know you did not learn much in library
school is you think a MARC record is something that
once belonged in a stereo.
Top 10 Signs You Did not Learn Anything in Library
1. You think a MARC Record is something that once
belonged in a stereo.
2. You wonder why the Dewey Decimal system is
named after a duck as in Huey, Dewey, and
3. You wonder why people in Congress read so many
books they need their own library classification
4. You think that HTML means Having Time to Meet
5. You think that a web site is where a spider
6. You think that a search engine is a part in a high-tech
7. You think that cataloging is a term for flipping through
pages in a magazine looking at books.
8. You think ALA stands for \"A Librarian Always\"
9. You think XML means \"XTRA MEAN
10.You think indexing means writing on \"3\" x \"5\" cards
and organizing them.