'Mr. Jack' steers wheeled library


Gary "ResourceShelf Guy" Price spotted a gainesvilletimes.com Article on "Mr. Jack" Holt and his library on wheels take the books to Augusta County residents not living in proximity to the library.
The large white vehicle -- more than six tons in weight, 10 feet high and 28 feet long -- has thousands of fiction, mysteries, non-fiction, how-to, westerns and children's books as well as videos.
Holt's day doesn't begin in the transformed 1990 Ford Econoline 350 with color bookshelves painted on the outside. It starts in the Fishersville branch of the Augusta County Public Library.

Holt pushes a red cart through the aisles, plucking off animal books like "Skunks do More than Stink" to go on the Bookmobile. Then Holt spends most of his days on the road again, in the vehicle affectionately called "The Bus" by the library's staff.


Okay, nothing is more cool that the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile, but Library Mobiles are pretty cool in their own right. As an undergraduate at Purdue in the middle of Indiana, I remember seeing these tooling around the roads every day delivering books to out of the way locations. Always wondered about the people that took the time and effort. Sounds like a fun thing to do for early retirement. Great story...Thanks Gary.

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