Library rejects censorship software


Normally when I find a story on filtering the title isn\'t quite as heroic as this one. This one, however, is different. The entire article reads as if it came from the ALA OIF.

\"You can find censorship at the Hayward Library, but only information about it in books, magazines and Internet files.

As a policy, the library has been fighting censorship for 37 years.

Library commissioners reaffirmed the principle of free access to information last week as they decided not to install filtering software on library computers.

As is the case with other resources in the library, it is the sole right and responsibility of the parent or guardian to provide any monitoring or restriction of their own child\'s access to the Internet,\" the policy reads. \"The library does not provide this monitoring or supervision. In order to guide children\'s use of this information resource, the library selects and provides on Internet computers in the children\'s room recommended search engines for children.\"

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