The Stones of Summer - reprinted and STONE READER


Steve Fesenmaier writes "One of the best films ever made about books, libraries, and authors is THE STONE READER. The DVD of the film is now available from Barnes and Noble for only $39.95 - four disks with complete film and much more footage. Also, the original novel, THE STONES OF SUMMER, is being re-published this month. New Yorker Films is distributing the film to non-theatrical venues - like libraries, colleges, English courses.Contact Linda Duchin at:
Director, Non-Theatrical Booking:
Linda Duchin
New Yorker Films
85 Fifth Avenue, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10003
Toll Free: (877) 247-6200
Tel: (212) 645-4600 x211
[email protected]

This film was shown at ALA a year and a half ago in Atlanta at the national conference. Film Forum and other sites screened the film commercially. This film is a masterpiece in every way - visually, emotionally, musically. Hopefully all librarians and lovers of libraries will see this film to see how one man showed the importance of books. The director worked in a library during college and visits many libraries in the course of tracking down his lost author.

For more info on buying the DVD for HOME USE -"

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