Free Harry Potter!


Excite news carried this editorial about the censoring of Harry Potter\"When libraries, courts and schools like those in Zeeland place a ban or restriction on a book because a few parents disapprove of its theme, it stifles a child\'s learning opportunity and places a restriction on the selection of works children are able to chose and learn from. Harry Potter.\"\"These institutions should not allow a minority to dictate what others have the right to read and let them limit the opportunities for children to expand their minds and discover and imagine new ideas.\"

\"Book-banning is simply another way to limit freedom of expression. It inhibits authors from writing stimulating, entertaining, educational or informative books if there is even the remote chance of them being banned or censored. Children will instead be left with books that bore them away from reading.\"

\"Having come under heat from organizations such as the National Coalition Against Censorship, Feenstra recently rescinded many of the restrictions he originally placed on the books. However, Harry Potter is still under fire in at least 13 states, according to the American Library Association.\"

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