Plain English on Data Quality

DM Review has a Story on a survey to see what business has learned from the enormous expenditures organizations made to \"fix\" the Y2K data design defect. Guess what? Nothing.

\"The fact of the matter is that 62 percent of information professionals believe that their organization and others have not learned important lessons from their Y2K experiences and have not changed their data design processes.
The first question asked was, \"Which general conclusion about Y2K will prevail?\" I asked readers to indicate which of the following statements reflected their Y2K experiences:

A. Our organization rose to the occasion, solved the problem, and now it is time to get back to business as usual. We will keep on developing applications and databases as we did before.

B. We could have prevented the Y2K problem if we had designed our databases properly. We will improve our data design processes [to prevent design defects, not just dates] as a result of this experience.

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