Goldberg biography will stay on shelf


Story sent in by Bob Cox from
JSOnline on
the Muskego-Norway WI School Board vote on a
Whoopi Goldberg biography containing racial epithets

\"In an emotionally charged two-hour hearing
Monday night, parents Richard and Beth Kania and
their supporters delivered impassioned pleas to
School Board members, asking them to remove the
unauthorized biography the Kanias had described as
\"enough to ruin the innocence of any 14-year-old.\"

\"This is obscene literature,\" Beth Kania told board
members, saying she could not even read aloud some
of the passages of the book to which she objects
because it would be inappropriate for the school
district\'s cable access program and the 15-year-old
student operating the camera.

The Kanias filed a complaint with the school district
in December, asking that \"Whoopi Goldberg: Her
Journey from Poverty to Mega-Stardom\" be pulled from
the shelves at Muskego High School.

other board members cited a 1982 U.S. Supreme Court
decision that said school boards may not remove
books from school libraries simply because they do not
approve of the content. The decision says boards can
remove books only if they are \"pervasively vulgar or
educationally unsuitable,\" district counsel Bob Duffy

While board member Mark Waltz said he found the first
chapter of the book to be \"outrageous,\" he and other
board members cited First Amendment freedoms as
justification to keep the book on the shelves.

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