Book Drive America

Jen_B writes " and Good Morning America are touting a new program with Laura Bush to help get books to libraries."First lady Laura Bush will help Good Morning America kick off the book drive today. Mrs. Bush will talk about the great need for books in our nation's schools from GMA's Times Square studio.For the national campaign, GMA will be teaming up with First Book, a national nonprofit organization that gives children in need the opportunity to own and read their first new books."What they don't mention is how libraries which have shut down due to budget cuts are supposed to get those books to patrons when they still don't have money for staff."


I have heard of some large cities that have shut down libraries for a few days to save money. But has there been a rash of library closures? If there has been is it the responsibility of the Federal government? For the most part libraries are local institutions.

The budget cuts that lead to library closures, whether for a few days or permanently, start with the cuts in federal funds going to states, which then cut the funds going to municipalities and/or counties--which then have to decide on which local functions they'll cut or scale back.

In any case, though, it's nice to see Laura Bush retains at least a vestigal memory of what librarians are supposed to care about.

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