Harry Potter and the Wacky Web


ZDNet has a Story on how crazy this Harry thing has become. Amazon will deliver 250,000 books on Saturday alone! Barnesandnoble.com said it is getting more than 7,000 orders for the book daily.

\"We can\'t overstate the logistical challenge Amazon and its shipping partners are overcoming by offering Saturday delivery for 250,000 orders on two continents,\" wrote Lauren Cooks LevitanFor one thing, while this is a huge order for one book, it\'s certainly nothing compared to the typical holiday rush. FedEx spokeswoman Carla Boyd pointed out that the company typically ships 3.3 million packages a day, and hit a holiday peak last year of 4.5 million.

\"And the only thing we know during Christmas is that (the orders are) coming. We don\'t have the luxury of being able to plan routes and have addresses a full day out,\" she said.

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