Remember when libraries circulated books and only books. Welcome to the golf club library. From Honolulu Advertiser\"Castillo came up with the concept while talking to his wife about the tool-lending libraries she grew up with in Alaska. \"I thought it was kind of quaint how the community helped each other,\" Castillo said.\"

\"The new Golf Club Library is open daily, except Sunday, at C&C Outfitters in Waimea. It will lend anyone a set of clubs for free. Golfers — or just wannabes — can call ahead (885-5005) to reserve a set.\"

\"It is a no-deposit/must-return proposition and all it involves is a sign-out procedure. The library was organized by Ron Castillo Jr., Hapuna’s head pro, who found allies everywhere.instead of circular saws, one of the members of Hawaii’s most prominent golf families envisioned 6-irons and sand wedges. His motivation grew when he saw the vast range of clubs at high school events.\"

\"Fate intervened when he met Jimbo Franklin, a golf shop owner from the Southeast, at the PGA Championship. Franklin heard the first draft of Castillo’s plan and sent 30 small golf bags, insisting they were only taking up warehouse space.\"

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