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David Dillard writes "The BBC News StyleGuide[pdf]. An excellent overview of the BBC News StyleGuide may be found in this
written by Melvin Block.
The book has an English accent, but it provides pointers that can also
benefit newspeople on this side of the ocean. After all, or before all,
the Brits helped create our language.Why do we need stylebooks? To learn more--about writing, language and
broadcast style. And a stroll through this guide can be a learning
experience. For careful writers, it's not enough to let your consciousness
be your guide.

"A great deal of news output is written in haste, with one eye on the
script and the other on the clock," the Beeb's book says. "Writing under
pressure is what our kind of journalism is all about, but it is no reason
for ungrammatical, inelegant or sloppy use of EnglishWell written English
is easier to understand than poorly written English."


Coverage of this Guide Includes

Acronyms and Abbreviations
Active and Passive
Attribution First
Cliches and Journalese
Collective Nouns
The Definite Article
The European Union
Foreign Phrases
Numbers and Measures
Names and Titles
Getting It Right
Reported Speech
Speaking Out Loud
Simple Words
Troublesome Words
Vogue Words
Superfluous Words and Phrases
Want More of This Kind of Stuff

David Dillard
Temple University

NetGold, Ring


A good guide, but I was disappointed to see in the references section very poor use of HTML standards in the URLs. They weren't consistent either: some are http:// and some are listed as www.x.x. I believe the fully qualified URLs are more usable in all browsers and all types of e-mails, and thus support that usage.

I think this section started on p. 85 or so of the guide.

A concerned URLer

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