The U.S. Department of Education Closing ERIC Clearinghouses


Gayle Snible passed along word on ERIC.
The email comes from Nancy Macomber, and says:
"The U.S. Department of Education has decided to shut down the 16
subject-specific ERIC Clearinghouses on December 31, 2003. The
Department is running a competition to select a contractor to
the database portion of ERIC. This "new" ERIC is expected to
operating in mid-October 2003. There will be a brief period of
as the Clearinghouses wind down operations and the centralized
contractor gets up and running.There will no longer be any subject-specific Web sites or subject-
area reference services or publications such as ERIC Digests
after December 31, 2003. The AskERIC free online reference
will also be discontinued at that time. If you're interested in an
analysis of all the changes to come, you may wish to visit the Web
site maintained by Kate Corby, a Michigan State University
See in particular her analysis of the government's Statement of
for the new ERIC.

If you wish to follow the government's competition, here.

Acting as a private citizen, Dr. Lawrence Rudner, currently Director
of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation, intends
maintain free access to the online journal, Practical Assessment,
Evaluation, & Research, and selected other resources, at He will not, however, maintain the Test
Locator. Instead, he encourages people to consider linking to the
Web site provided by Buros, which now provides contact information for
test publishers as well as information about where to locate test


One can only hope that whomever they sell the database to will do a better job of maintaining it and moving forward with the times.

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