Yes, This is!


11am: Yes, this is, yes, I broke every damn thing.
I'm hoping to find a back up soon.

12pm: As far as I can tell right now, all new user accounts, and all new stories are gone.
1205pm: I hate computers.

1230pm: So yes, if you already had a user account, you have to sign up again, with out some kind of data miracle, I am not going to be able to get that data back.

Aaron and I are working hard to get some kind of normalness now.

The Old Site Starts Here.

if you signed up for a user account earlier, you'll need to Do It Again, sorry, I lost the entire Db, and the backup, this morning.
100pm Things are more or less back to where they were on Friday now, minus any new stories, comments and user accounts.
130pm Things are running ok now, actually better than before in some ways. Now, we Need Some Stories To Post.

140pm: If anyone (Ender?) has a cached copy of any pages from yesterday, can you send them to me?
1045pm: I promise to do crazy number of back ups on the users table, so if you grab a new user account I promise not to lose it again.
Seems like all is well, resume normal operations. Some small bugs still floating about, including time, colors, contat us page, and authors page.

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