The Library as the Latest Web Venture


The NY
has an interesting Article on the new effort to
build an electronic library so as to pass along the
power of electronic searching.

\"\"I hate the library,
so I try to avoid it,\" Carrie Larkworthy said. \"It\'s such a
big facility that you have to search through.\"

She\'s a student at Harvard University. How\'s that
for a scary quote? If Ms. Larkworthy\'s experience is anything like that of
other students, and many librarians acknowledge that it
is, the use of books for research is becoming an
archaic concept. If scholarly books are not on the Web,
they are invisible to anyone using the Internet as a
substitute for in-depth investigation.

But new efforts are afoot to change that. Several
companies are racing to put the full texts of hundreds of
thousands of copyrighted books, old and new, on the

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