Librarians protest to demand equal pay

The Bergen Record has this article about the staff at one library who are picketing in demand of salary increases.
\"We\'ve had several patrons say they never thought they would see librarians picketing,\" said Jane Tarantino, the children\'s librarian. \"It\'s keeping people aware that the situation hasn\'t been resolved. The librarians should be paid their worth.\"

\"As they have done every weekday for six weeks, the library workers will carry signs calling for equal treatment today, provided there\'s no heavy rain.\"

\"It\'s unfortunate they\'re picketing, [but] there\'s nothing that we can do about it,\" said Ed Ryan, a trustee on the nine-member board and a negotiator.\"

\"The board receives funding from the mayor and council and decides how to spend it. The latest offer on the table would give the workers on average a 10 percent raise, Ryan said. That could translate into as much as a 30 percent raise for some of the lowest-paid workers to 4 percent for the most senior employees, Ryan said. He said the goal is to become the best-paid library system in Bergen County to reward what he calls a great staff.\"

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