Limits on books in prison upheld


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal published this article about the amount of books that inmates in segregation are allowed to have with them at one time. The inmates said that the rule (which said that they can only have three) violated their first amendment rights. They won the case, but the appeals court disagreed, and it was over-ruled.
\"The center\'s inmates, who are segregated for violating prison disciplinary rules, can only have three state-issued paperback books in addition to their own religious book, such as a Bible or Qur\'an.\"\"Inmates in state prison enjoy freedom of speech and free exercise of religion under the First and 14th Amendments, but these rights are subject to limitations,\" the appeals court said in its ruling last week.\"

\"The Circuit Court ordered the prison to permit inmates to have four books of their own choice when they are being held in the segregation center. But the appeals court said raising the number of books from an inmate\'s personal property increased the chance of contraband being smuggled into the segregation center.\"

\"Since inmates housed in the (segregation center) have already violated prison rules, the risk that they will further disregard rules by bringing contraband into the (segregation center) is a significant one,\" the appeals court said.\"

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