Alternative News for Progressive WV Librarians

Steve Fesenmaier wishes to announce:

"We have created a new list that is entitled: the ALT-LIBRARIANS-LIST, or 'Alternative News for Progressive WV Librarians'.

The ALT-LIBRARIANS-LIST is an open list providing an alternative for WV librarians who wish to stay abreast of events, issues, problems, opportunities and happenings in and around library life. Topics other than libraries will be discussed occasionally as members are encouraged to post
anything they want to share with their colleagues.

List etiquette is expected. Flaming is not tolerated. The list is designed to be used as a forum for free expression and constructive discussion.

Everyone's opinions will be respected. The list moderator reserves the right to remove anyone who abuses the list without prior warning. If you are interested in joining, you can subscribe yourself with the following instructions...." [for full instructions, see "Read Some More..." below.]

To join the list, go here.
How to subscribe:

* Create a message to:
[email protected]

* Ignore the subject line
* In the body of the message, type the subscribe command and include
your e-mail address: subscribe ALT-LIBRARIANS-LIST [email protected]
* Delete your signature tag if you have one
* Send message
* You will receive an immediate response and instructions on how to
post to the list.
* This is a public list. Anyone may post a message
* If you have problems getting online, contact the List Moderator:
Steve Fesenmaier at [email protected]
* This list is also archived on the Web: click here.


Steve & Monica

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