Cardinal Directional Rule of the Library

The Chicago Sun Times has an Almost funny Story on some unfair seating troubles at The Wheeling High School Library. The librarians are really cracking down, and some of the students are none to happy.

\"It\'s ridiculous,\" said Chris Schiel, 17, of Wheeling, who\'s on Wheeling\'s track and cross-country teams. \"I\'ve been kicked out for discussing that day\'s classwork.\" Student athletes who are allowed to study in the library instead of attending gym class are required to sit facing south, in the direction of the circulation desk.\"Everybody thinks it\'s wrong,\" said Croke, 16, of Wheeling, who also is on the school\'s football team.

Well, not the library staff.

\"They are supposed to be doing homework or studying, but they tend to be doing what they aren\'t supposed to be doing,\" said Corinne Peterson, a technology assistant in the library. \"They all need to face one direction and face us so they won\'t talk the whole time.\"

Wheeling Principal Pat Baudendistel said, \"It\'s not meant to be punitive. We have youngsters in rather large numbers in the library. The librarians have a lot of kids to keep track of and monitor.\"

Still, Baudendistel said she\'ll look into the complaints, which she said were the first she\'d heard.

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