Spring Shy Librarian Is Out

Joseph Cadieux writes: \"
The Spring 2003 issue of THE SHY LIBRARIAN (Vol. 3, #1) is now available.

THE SHY LIBRARIAN is a quarterly print magazine which
\"promotes libraries, librarians, and books.\" The magazine, which
is written by librarians, focuses on library marketing, public and
community relations. Each issue contains an original fictional
short story featuring a librarian or a library setting, as well as
roughly 75 book reviews by librarians and teachers. You may also
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The Spring 2003 issue of THE SHY LIBRARIAN features these
- Promoting the Douglas Public Library District, Theatrically
By Katie Klossner, Community Relations Manager, Douglas Public
Library District, Douglas County, Colorado.

- Sacramento Library\'s Multicultural (Iranian-American)
By Haleh Motiey, Sacramento Public Library, Arcade Community
Library, Sacramento, California.

- SHY Publisher\'s Column: Joseph Cadieux

- The Hidden Woman
Non-Fiction by N.M. Brewka

- New Librarian Column: It Pays--Mixing Work and Library School
By Deanna Briggs

- Digitizing Local History Resources on a Budget
By Andy Barnett, Assistant Director, McMillan Memorial Library,
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.

- Asking for the Gift: A Key to Fundraising
By James Swan, Director, Central Kansas Library System and the
Great Bend Public Library, Great Bend, Kansas.

- The Comics Librarian ?: Developing a Quality Graphic Novel
By Stephen Weiner, Director, Maynard Public Library, Maynard,

- SHY Editor\'s Column: Marcia Trotta, Director, Meriden Public
Library, Meriden, Connecticut

- Ariadne: A Short Story by Linda Ernick

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